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What is the CBT?

The closed beta test (CBT) is a crucial part of game development. It's when all constituent parts are brought together to allow a limited audience to experience a game it in it's near-final form. Being such an expansive game, the Conqueror's Blade CBT will be rolled out over a number of stages, during which we look forward to indentifying errors, fixing issues and reading all your valuable feedback and suggestions. You can guarantee your involvement in the CBT by purchasing an early access pack..

Instructions for running the game

    Key Information

    The nature of some tasks requires a delay between when a task is completed and when we can confirm its completion. This delay may extend into the next CBT stage. Check this page for updates to your task status.

    If you purchased the game via Steam and you still see the “Sign up for Beta” instead of being able to access the game, please follow the instructions in this article.

    To gain access to the game you need a key, which comes with each individual pre-order pack. If you have CBT access but are experiencing problems downloading or entering the game, please contact our customer support.

    When it is available to download, the latest CBT test client will be accessible via the Game Center.

    Should a server wipe be necessary at any stage, prior warning and clarification will be given.

    No. Only newly created characters will start the OBT. No characters or progression will carry forward from the closed testing stages.

    We will report the details of each CBT stage a few days prior to commencement so that you have time to prepare.

    You are welcome to share any of your CBT experiences.

    In-game items from the pre-order packs (and CBT rewards) will be issued at the start of the OBT.

    Dates for the open beta will be announced separately - subsequent to the end of the CBT.

    Complete both tasks to earn 3x Small experience book (+1,000 XP), 3x Experience card ( +25% XP gain for 1 hour) and 3x Medium chest (10,000 account-bound Silver). Rewards will be issued during open beta testing.