New map released: Siege of Eagle Pass


As its name suggests, siegecraft and tactics are important if you want to complete the task before you in this week’s map - to try to take Eagle Pass from its numerous defenders before the sands of time run out.

Set across a dusty plain that was once the bed of a mighty river, Eagle Pass is damned by an imposing wall that must be breached and its defenders eliminated. The walls are well defended by troops and by rocket artillery, with a significant enemy force in front of the wall and reinforcements ready to pour forth from the right flank.

The trick with Eagle Pass is not to get ahead of yourself, even though the timer is always urging you on. It’s imperative that you try to thin the enemy down: If you can, utilise the rear line of cannons to do so, otherwise secure the forward cannons where you can more accurately range your guns. Be sure to go no further until the battlements are silenced and the enemy weakened, otherwise you may trigger enemy reinforcements while you are unprepared and outnumbered.

Once you have the numerical advantage, you can better protect the advance of your siege machines. However, within the walls of the fortress, the enemy numbers are again significant. Where you have the advantage of height and cover, use it to reduce the enemy numbers. As for the bosses that unlock victory, try to find areas from which you can whittle down their health from range. There are plenty of narrow ledges above and around gated areas from where this can more easily be achieved.

Timing is important. Move too quickly and you’ll be overwhelmed and lose your siege engines. Advance too cautiously and you’ll leave yourself little time to chip away at the health of the enemy warlords. Get to know the map however and you can start to use better positioning to offset the ticking clock. As is often the way, practice makes perfect!

Good luck out there!