Send us your finest gameplay moments and become legend (UPDATED 21/02)


Seeing as we’re almost at the stage where the Conqueror’s Blade servers will be up and running more often than not, we’ve decided to start a weekly competition where you send us your finest cuts of in-game action and we reward the best of them with a Conqueror’s Pre-Order Pack!

Yours can be a clip of an improbable string of kills against superior opposition, a moment of supreme battlefield farce (someone inadvertently falling to their death never fails to amuse), or may even highlight a rather unfortunate bug - although if it makes the devs look bad the footage might “accidentally” go missing during the judging process.

To enter simply include the hashtag #ConquerorsBladeBits when you post your video online, and be sure to link to it in our Discord channel just in case we miss it during our daily video searches. A bit of text with the video for context might also smooth your path to stardom.

As well issuing prizes, we’ll be chopping up the best clips every week (a new week will start every Sunday midnight CET) and sharing them among the community to ensure your status as a Conqueror's Blade comedy / combat legend is assured.

Oh yes, and if you didn’t know already, ALT-F5 is the default command for recording video. You can access captured footage quickly and easily from the menu bar in the Game Center.

Good luck!


UPDATE (21/02): The original rules were a bit vague, so we’ve clarified them a bit:


  • Try to keep poor frame rates, lag, etc to a minimum
  • Use your own material, obviously. 
  • Keep it brief! Provide a timestamp to your best bit if linking to a long video (>1m)
  • Regardless of where your video is hosted, please use the hashtag #ConquerorsBladeBits.
  • Link your in-game action to our Discord channel so we don’t miss it. Include your server (NA/EU/RU) and character name.


  • Don't use copyrighted material, either as overlays or as part of the audio track.  
  • Don’t use material from trailers - we want your gameplay!
  • No links to footage that isn’t yours, obviously.
  • Don't miss the deadline - post links before midnight CET on a Sunday to be judged among that week’s entries.

Note: During test phase season we may extend competition deadlines without notice, to allow for more entries.