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    Millennium [Limited] [€U][PvP]


    "He who stands with me, shall be my brother."

    An introduction

    Millennium is a European-based community that began as a small guild created in the MMO game Vindictus, back in the somewhat distant 2012. Its founders were players who've had enough of the conceited and stuck-up attitudes that they've experienced in other guilds, so they decided to build from the ground up. Elitism was never tolerated, drama queens were strictly dealt with, and by making sure the guild's two simple rules were always being upheld, the core of our community was soon formed – with most of us still in contact to this day. Even though our community has grown in size since then, our values remain unchanged. We look after our own, we respect our friends, honor our agreements, and punish our foes. Loss or win, it doesn't matter, what matters most is we all give it our best shot and have some fun in the process!

    If you've played Black Desert Online during its first years of launch, then you've probably heard of us. The competitive nature of the game had put our skills and commitment to the test, and our leadership through the trial of fire. We pride ourselves in being one of the very few who were a long-lasting Semi-Hardcore guild that respected its members while remaining competitive. In BDO's 2-year-anniversary infographic, we were announced in the Top 5 Siege Guilds EU. With that, I can safely promise you that we are experienced in large-scale PvP that requires discipline, teamwork, communication, and passion in order to win. We've won fights before, and we'll win more fights now. If you're in the mood for some more reading, there's also an old interview with our leadership.

    Conqueror's Blade

    Most of us are die-hard fans of games like Mount & Blade, Total War, etc. So it was hard for a game like Conqueror's Blade to go under our radar. An MMO with massive siege battles that require strategy and team coordination, with action elements and a medieval setting? That was an opportunity we couldn't let up!
    Our players were there since the start, most of us since the CBTs and some of us even took part in the PTR.

    With that said, we aim to expand. We like playing games but Conqueror's Blade has all our focus, and we want to build up slow and steady, quality over quantity. This game has much to offer and we want to explore every part of it! Many wins and losses awaits us, but every fight will only make us stronger and wiser. We want to have fun, and we'll be in the heat of battle - and if you're like us, we want you right there with us!


    We're part of the Inquisition Alliance

    What we can offer you

    • A welcoming community that you won't often find. We're one big family here and we always like to have fun together.
    • An experienced and fair leadership. Toxic and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated.
    • Semi-Hardcore mentality that works. Give it your best when it counts, but remember to have fun and relax.
    • Quality over quantity recruitment. We'll be investing in you (and hope you'll invest in us!).
    • Team activities, like sheriff battles, rebel camps, and deathmatches.
    • Organized participation in Territory Wars. We have a structured TeamSpeak 3 server (with whisper lists, etc.) just for this.
    • Fun and banter with folks that have known each other for years that will give you the escape from real life when you really need it.

    What will be expected from you

    • Have and use Discord and TeamSpeak 3. This is of course mandatory.
    • Have a good interest in Conqueror's Blade. We're here to stay, and we want the same from you!
    • The ability to listen to shotcalling, and to not talk when you're not supposed to.
    • Be mature enough to both take and make constructive criticism.
    • Be a team player! Work together with your troops and your mates, this is very important in this game.
    • Growth mentality. No one expects you to be the best player, but we want you to strive to improve.
    • Treat your mates with respect. No drama.

    How To Apply

    Interested in joining us? Let's get to know each other!
    Drop by our recruitment Discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/qeBYgYn

    We know first impressions aren't everything but we like to see your personality and individuality out in the open. Hope to see you there!

    Final Words

    All in all, we really just want to have fun playing the game. But we want to kick some ass too. We have and want to have an even bigger group of friends who know how the game works and sit in a Discord room and chat casually as we play the game. When the time comes we want to give our best for wars, sieges and other battles we will do our best. If we win, we pop a cold one. If we lose, we try the next time without killing ourselves for it.

    The most important thing I believe in MMOs is to find a group of folk you can hang around to play together with and feel comfortable with. If you want to play the game and have fun and have a guild that can be relaxed in times of peace but competitive in times of war, this is the guild you are looking for. We rather grow big slowly than too fast.

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    Good Luck and see you on the battlefield!

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    Best of luck !

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    Thank you all.

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    Good luck comrades!

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    Recruitment link added to those who want to contact us and talk more in depth.

    Edit: Please join via the discord link embedded on the mainpost do not apply directly without contacting us first I will decline the direct applications to the house. If you have, mention who you are before sending the apply because the names are broken.
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    Oh my, what a sexy as hell guild!

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    OBT in scope, we are looking for Lords and Ladies

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    Glad I joined this house. Its chill and organized with some good players in it. We're also the #1 alliance right now.
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    This thread could use some love so I'm bumping it up! Also, recruitment is open!

    Looking for a sexy House?
    Give the main post a read, and if you're still skeptical I invite you to join our recruitment Discord for a chat:

    Hope to see you there!

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