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    Millennium [Limited] [€U][PvP]


    Have you been browsing the house section for some time now and feel like you don't really click with the other houses?
    Perhaps they feel grandeur and a little bit too much or the opposite, perhaps they feel very underwhelming? Too many seem to be gaming communities not really focused on conqueror's blade?

    Well, we will be.


    Millennium is a very old guild. It has a very strong core and at this point it exists in more than one MMO actively. Created in mid 2012, I have lead this guild through many years. We are experienced in large-scale PvP that requires discipline, teamwork, communication and passion in order to win. We hail from many MMO's in the past with the most recent being BDO. We have won a lot of territory wars in that game, similar to CB. We have made friends and many enemies. Having many enemies is fun, let me tell you that.

    Old interview/article on Millennium

    What we offer

    • A large discord community, with focus on CB.
    • Experienced, fair leadership (harsh on toxic/drama).
    • Semi-HC that works, I have made it work. I know how.
    • Teamspeak3 with set whisperlists and such if Conqueror's blade demands it.
    • Forced disciplinary actions on members, noJohn rambo's in this guild, we all work together here to win.
    • Experienced players from CB Testlive and other betas.
    • Quality>Quantity recruitment.
    • Fun and banter with folks that have known each other for years that will give you the escape from IRL you really want.
    • Guild of integrity and chain of command. Also experienced shotcallers.

    What we expect from you

    • Have discord and if need be; teamspeak.
    • Have a good interest in Conqueror's blade.
    • The ability to listen during shotcalling and keep your mouth shut when it has to be shut.
    • Mature enough to be able to take critique and feedback also have the ability to make a proper critique & feedback.
    • The ability to teamwork with your guildmates during battles, call out enemy locations for example.
    • Treating your guildmates well.
    • The passion to progress in terms of gear and level, actively, whenever you can. Efficiency trumps play hours.
    • Semi-HC or HC driven player with PvP-drive. People that love both pvp and pve works aswell.
    • English speaking, so we can communicate. You don't have to be perfect at it. I suck at language myself

    "So, how do I join?"

    Click this and contact us there.

    Last words
    Aside from that, we really just want to have fun playing the game. But we want to kick some ass too. We have and want to have an even bigger group of friends who know how the game works and sit in a discord room and chat casually as we play the game. When the time comes we want to give our best for wars, sieges and other battles we will do our best. If we win, we pop a cold one. If we lose, we try the next time without killing ourselves for it.

    The most important thing I believe in MMO's is to find a group of folk you can hang around to play together with and feel comfortable with. If you want to play the game and have fun and have a guild that can be relaxed in times of peace but competitive in times of war, this is the guild you are looking for. We rather grow big slowly than too fast.

    It is better to be on hand with ten men than absent with ten thousand.
    - Tamerlane

    Rinion and Genbu, my best buddies having fun

    Top 5 guild in whole EU(BDO)
    Conqueror's blade screenshots:

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    Good Luck and see you on the battlefield!

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    Best of luck !

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    Thank you all.

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    Good luck comrades!

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    Recruitment link added to those who want to contact us and talk more in depth.

    Edit: Please join via the discord link embedded on the mainpost do not apply directly without contacting us first I will decline the direct applications to the house. If you have, mention who you are before sending the apply because the names are broken.
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    Oh my, what a sexy as hell guild!

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    OBT in scope, we are looking for Lords and Ladies

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    Glad I joined this house. Its chill and organized with some good players in it. We're also the #1 alliance right now.
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