I have now unlocked all skills with the bow and my opinion of the class is that its useless.

The only thing this class can do is sit and shot at enemy archers from outside their range and get very small rewards from it.

When it comes to PvP its a class that does about 1000 damage per arrow hit to an enemy and even with the abilities can not beat any other class in a 1v1 scenario.
When it comes to dealing with anything other then enemy archers, you lack the damage to take down any kind of melee unit efficiently.

Fightning vs higher tier units like 4 or 5 stars is even more pointless. I have fought plenty of times vs monastic knights and i deal about 350 dmg per arrow shot vs them. Taking the damage into account it would take me about 30 minutes to kill a Full Squad of monastic Knights.

So for anyone of you reading this post.... DO NOT PLAY BOW!!!!

You will find that its very fun to stand there shooting enemy units from very far away but you will realize very fast that you deal about very little damage and vs anything above 4 star you deal no damage, making this a pointless and annoying class.