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    Exclamation Pre-order issues

    So i had bought the $15 pre-order pack and then tried the beta out, thought it was very good for what was given to play, then i proceeded to upgrade my pack to the conqueror's pack(an extra $85). but my card wasn't working so i had to authorize it with my bank and after i called them, the money came out but i never received the conqueror's upgrade pack or the pack in general. i submitted a support ticket yesterday and today i still haven't gotten any sort of reply and the pre-release of the game is not to far away. $100 is a lot of money to spend and not receive anything for it, my ticket is still in "queue" but honestly there has been no sign of change on it. not sure what to do at this point.

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    currently its the weekend, i would recommend waiting for Monday when they get back into the office to hopefully get your reply quick

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    In your overview on my.com CB page it doesnot say conqeurors pack if you upgraded it. It will tell you that you upgraded from explorer or adventurer.

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