Useless Class (Until Buff)
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Thread: Useless Class (Until Buff)

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    Angry Useless Class (Until Buff)

    Bowmen (Hero) desperately needs a buff in draw speed and damage. My bowmen is currently lvl 70 and basically shoots nerf darts for arrows, meanwhile the musket class is reloading and damaging me quicker than I can draw my nerf arrow back. Also melee hero's just chop through infantry like a weed wacker and it takes 2-3 arrows for me just to kill a single unit soldier, makes no sense at all. And it takes 20+ fully drawn arrows just to kill a hero. So if bowmen isn't meant for killing hero's and isn't meant for crowd control than what the hell good is it? Hopefully a buff soon my fellow bowmen.

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    Agree. The class is much worse and does not deal any damage vs any higher tier units

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    Well the bow got nerfed shortly afer the softrelease. Damage went down and draw speed was increased.
    Longbow isnt for crowd control. They are glass canons who snipe out enemy archer units (oneshots) and single out enemy heroes or artillery. Harass them, while your time kills them.
    The key is to aim for headshots. And of course it takes 20 shots to kill an longsword, because they are tanks. But every other class takes more or less qual time to kill a longsword. They are just freaking tanky =)

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